The EGRET-AAA consortium consists a total of 24 members amongst which world-class experts in ophthalmology, molecular biology, ophthalmogenetics, visual neuroscience, and technology from academia, healthcare and industry. This multi-sectoral consortium therefore integrates research and training offered by top scientist, technologists and clinicians. There are 5 types of members: beneficiaries, partners, training partners, patient organisations, and degree awarding partners, each contributing to the program in a specific way.


The Beneficiaries are those members that will host one or more DCs, and that are primarily responsible for the scientific output of EGRET-AAA. EGRET-AAA has 7 beneficiaries:

Prof. Nomdo Jansonius proj. 11+12 (PI), 8+9 (co-PI)
Prof. Frans Cornelissen
proj. 13+14 (PI), 10+15 (co-PI)
Prof. Floris Foijer
proj. 6 (co-PI)
Prof. Amalia Dolga
proj. 7 (co-PI)

Prof. Michael Hoffmann
proj. 8+9+15 (PI), 11+12+13+14 (co-PI)

Dr. Xavier Nicol
proj. 3+4 (PI), 1+2 (co-PI)
Dr. Xavier Guillonneau
proj. 6+7 (PI)

Prof. John Neidhardt
(proj. 5 (co-PI)) 
Prof. Harold Snieder
(proj. 5 (PI)) 

Prof. Arthur Bergen
(proj. 1+2 (PI), 3+4+5 (co-PI))


Dr. Luka Opasic
proj. 10 (PI)
Dennis Hens
proj. 10 (co-PI)

Thomas Riemer
proj. 9 (PI)

Associated Research Partners

The Partners (either academic or non-academic) contribute by providing training, co-supervision, software and/or secondment or lab visit possibilities. EGRET-AAA has 8 partners:

Prof. Richard van Wezel

Sebastian Rausch
Martin Diller


Anne Vrijling

Dr. Oscar Portoles
Liucija Svinkunaite

Dr. Franco Pestilli

Dr Marrie van der Mooren

Wouter Nijhof

Associated Training Partners

The Training Partners contribute to the soft-skill training provided by EGRET-AAA. EGRET-AAA has 5 training partners:

Patient Association Partners

The Patient Organisation Partners contribute to training and the stakeholder modules on patient perspectives. EGRET-AAA has 2 patient organisation partners:

Degree Awarding Partners

The Degree Awarding Partners, that are academic institutions that provide training and award the degree to DCs hosted by non-academic beneficiaries. EGRET-AAA has 2 degree awarding partners: